Is an Expungement automatic or does the Court have discretion?

Answer:   Most arrests not resulting in convictions, Misdemeanors and most minor Felonies generally MUST be granted by the Court if you otherwise qualify.  More serious convictions may lie within the discretion of the Court.  Our attorneys will be help advise you about your own specific circumstance.

How many times can I do an Expungement?

Answer:    The new law provides that a person can only go through this process one in a lifetime, so you'll want to make sure you get it right the first time.

Can I get Expungements in multiple counties?

Answer:     Yes, you will need to file a petition in each county where you have criminal records.  You will also need to file your petitions in each county within one year of your first filing.

Can I get a gun permit if my record is Expunged?

Answer:     Expungement is not meant to allow you carry a gun permit that you are otherwise not allowed to possess.  If this is your primary concern, you should consult with attorney to consider other possible options.   

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