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Once it has been determined that you qualify for an Expungement, POYNTER & BUCHERI will take the following steps to file your expungement with the Court as quickly as possible:

​​1.     Gather all relevant documents, including:  a chronological case summary for each case, your driving record, your state criminal history and receipts of your payments of fines and costs, if available.  You may save time by retrieving these documents yourself.  

2.     Once we have gathered all the relevant paperwork, we will prepare the appropriate petition(s) for filing with the Court for your review and signature.

3.     Once we have filed your petition with the Court, the State has 30 days to respond to your request.  It is not uncommon for the State to request an additional 30 days to respond.  

4.      Once the time has lapsed for the State of Indiana to respond, the Court may Grant the petition or Order that it be set for hearing.

5.     If the Court grants your Petition, the Order is sent to various agencies for the records to be sealed.  This may take up to thirty (30) days.

It is typical for the process to take anywhere between 90-120 days, although not every case is the same and special circumstances may dictate a longer period.  

Expungements involving multiple counties and more serious offenses generally take longer.  


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